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About Balsimo Strategic Marketing

After 13 years in corporate marketing, including overseeing all of the marketing efforts for one of the largest brands in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Mike Balsimo established Balsimo Strategic Marketing (BSM) in Marietta, OH in 2016.  At BSM, we help small & mid-size businesses and organizations get more from their advertising through a strategic approach to marketing. 

Our difference is delivering meaningful and measurable results for our clients! 

We understand your concerns and your needs - and we will never gamble with your trust, or with our reputation. We’re very grateful for all companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with and our promise to you is that we will NEVER make you an empty promise - if we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll still give you our honest opinion.  What this means is that our team has a simple and clearly defined goal ... helping companies generate more business. That's it. 

We always strive to over-deliver and under-promise. So far it has worked quite well for us, and we are not about to change that. 

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